New Trends in Water Filtration Technology

The Latest Advances in Water Filtration Technology Home water purification has come a long way since the days of carbon filters and salt-based water softeners. Many of today's home purifying systems combine old and new technologies. To help choose the right system for you, take a few minutes to learn about the latest advances in [...]

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Water Crossover

Crossover is a term that is used when the hot water "crosses over" to the cold or the cold water "crosses over" to the hot.  The frequency of customers calling in with these symptoms is increasing.  Having some hot water mixed with your cold is not necessarily an urgent situation, but it does indicate that [...]

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Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion - Perhaps you have heard the term and not understood how it can affect your plumbing system. Basically, when water is heated it expands. For example 90F water heated to 140F in a 40 gallon water heater will expand by almost ½ gallon. Where does that water go? Water is not compressible; the [...]

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