HVAC Services and Repairs

Southern California is famous for its mild, temperate weather. Remember that the next time the mercury soars above 100°F for a week in August, or whenever the next blustery winter storm blows in.

Even balmy Orange and Los Angeles Counties experience stretches of unpleasant weather, when your home heating and air conditioning system becomes your lifeline to comfort and even your ability to function — or not. That’s where Biard and Crockett comes in. The oldest and most trusted in Orange County plumbing is also the name you can trust to install and service your HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

Most AC and heating systems have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and during those years, even the best systems should be serviced annually to remain in peak operating condition, to benefit not just your comfort but your energy bills.

If you’re struggling with an old AC unit that spikes your power bill but can’t seem to keep you in the comfort zone, or if your aging furnace produces fewer BTUs than a birthday candle, we’ll recommend and provide an energy-efficient HVAC system that’s exactly right for your home and budget.

Or if your separate heating and air conditioning appliances simply need a tuneup or repair to perform their best, we’ll do that too. We warranty all work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Most air conditioning and heating systems break when the weather is at its hottest (90 to 110 degrees) or the coldest (freezing or below) because components of the system are unable to perform at the peak levels as they decline over time. The best way to keep the unit working prior to these hot and cold spells is to have your system tuned up in the spring and fall. At Biard and Crockett we offer tune up services as well as maintenance agreements to keep your HVAC system running at peak performance. Besides helping to prevent costly breakdowns, a timely tuneup also reduces energy costs, as it takes less energy to cool or heat your home or business.

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Our services include:

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Installation, Maintenance & Repair

HVAC is the ideal solution for a pleasant and energy efficient home — an all-in-one heating, air conditioning, and filtration system connected to a network of ducts and controlled from a single thermostat or from several thermostats, if you prefer. Even when it’s not directly heating or cooling air, an HVAC system can circulate air to ensure that you breathe easier.

Biard and Crockett’s licensed technicians will help you choose the right brand and model of HVAC for your home, give you a free estimate and the time you need to think it over, then install the system from start to finish with the speed, courtesy, and quality of workmanship you expect.

We also perform HVAC maintenance and tuneups, and offer prompt, reliable, and affordable repairs on all HVAC systems, including those installed by other companies.

Air Conditioning Installation, Replacement & Repair

If you own a smaller home, live in an older house where ductwork isn’t practical or feasible, or if you’re looking for a simpler and less costly approach than HVAC, standalone air conditioning may be right for you.

  • Ductless Air Conditioning

    A ductless mini-split air conditioner requires no bulky and expensive ductwork, while providing some of the benefits of central air conditioning suitable for a smaller space. It’s smooth, quiet, energy efficient, cost-effective, and comparatively clutter-free.

  • Window Air Conditioning

    For a garage space, detached room, or room off your ductwork grid, a good window air conditioner may be your best option. You can try to do the work of selecting and installing an AC unit yourself, or you can call us for a more professional result, in which case you’ll get the best value for your money and a secure, tight, and eye-pleasing fit for the air conditioner. You may also decide to forego window installation and have a hole cut in a wall to mount the AC instead, in which case you can’t afford mistakes.

  • Air Filtration Systems

    With many people, an air filtration system is an afterthought. It shouldn’t be, especially in Southern California, where smog can be an issue at the height of summer, and where seasonal wildfires can also compromise air quality. If you experience respiratory difficulties, a top-notch air filtration system is critical, and even if you’re in excellent health, clean indoor air will contribute to restful sleep and ongoing good health. At Biard and Crockett, we’ll help you choose the ideal filtration system for your home, we’ll install it for you, and we’ll provide the maintenance so that it operates at optimal levels for many years.

Heating Installation, Replacement & Repair

Well-distributed household heat may not seem as important as AC in the Southland, but

the lowest-ever recorded temperature in Irvine, CA was 18°F one brisk January! That’s definitely not the time to discover that your antiquated furnace isn’t up to snuff, or that it’s sucking up nearly as much energy as the Orange County Power Authority can provide.

Whether your furnace is gas or electric, old or new, call us to get it into peak winter shape, or, in the case that it has outlived its shelf life, to install a new energy-efficient furnace to keep you and your family snug (and wondering why you waited so long for an upgrade).

We fix, tune, and install everything from heat pumps to boilers, furnaces, and complete HVAC systems promptly, courteously, and with the highest professional standards. And again, we guarantee your satisfaction.